When a friend referred me to Jill, looking back it was the best gift I could've been given. She was always attentive to my situation and there to guide me with things related to the divorce, and ongoing custody disputes over my 3 children. She fought hard, but always fair. She negotiated with opposing counsel continuously, since my ex was constantly complicating things. As anyone who's been there knows, even when you "win" in court, you don't, because your ex will just be resentful and mad (I'm being nice with these words). Jill fought to make sure I got the support and financial settlements I needed. But, also made the effort to negotiate our settlements in the best interest of our future co-parenting relationship. Jill is genuinely aware that this is about more than just your divorce. She will work hard to ensure what's best for your future. I am forever grateful to her and recommend her to people any chance I get.