I would recommend either of the partners of the Robinson-Duffy firm.

I had a "not so nice" custody battle that lasted a solid year. My attorney billed fairly, kept myself and my case on the agenda (not forgetting about me along the way), and ensured that my case was handled very professionally. I hadn't been to court prior to this case, and thought I wanted a shark, to be honest, when it all started. As it progressed, what I learned was that what I needed was someone who advocated for myself and my son... but also had some light on the subject of how our "relationship" was going to look when the case was over.

Conceding to things, willing to agree for the sake of civility... I learned when they were needed and when I needed to advocate for myself (through Kimberly). I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer to have in my corner through the worst thing I had ever been through.

You will be treated fairly, advocated for properly, and be represented by two attorneys who know the law and have a positive reputation within the legal community.