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Kimberly Robinson is the kind of attorney who gives attorneys a GOOD name. Kim helped me navigate through a complicated divorce and come out the other side with my head held high and a sense of hope for my future. The circumstances of my divorce were often dramatic and downright absurd; it was fabulous to have a partner that I could laugh with. Kim’s sense of humor, her perspective and reassurance helped keep me grounded and focused. My best interests were always put first, and she truly stood by my side throughout one of the most profound times of my life. I will always be grateful for her help. Thank you Kim!

– JW

Jill has been our trusted Legal Counsel at SixSpeed for years. She is perfect for our business, she understands the fast paced and demanding industry but also never takes her eye off of protecting our Brand/Business.

– Andrew Dickson, SixSpeed LLC

We used Jillian Duffy and Kim Robinson for our daughter’s adoption. They were wonderful and so helpful from the very beginning of the process through our adoption day. The adoption needed to be done quickly, and Jill worked hard to make sure that it happened within the needed time frame. Both helped us out greatly during the stressful times and helped us fully understand the adoption process. They were quick to respond to any questions or concerns that we had. Jill understood the emotional aspect that comes with adoption and was so kind and caring to our family. I would highly recommend Jill Duffy and Kim Robinson to anyone.

– SW, Adoption client

Our family had the good fortune to have been referred to the Robinson Duffy Law Firm in the midst of a crisis situation. After having temporary custody of our granddaughter for 2 years she was taken from our home without advance notice, warning or appearance in Court. This was done on an Easter weekend. Our granddaughter was consequently not even allowed to finish her kindergarten year at her school or any other. The stress and concern for her safety and well-being was overwhelming. Jill and Kim met with us almost immediately and reassured us that they would help us get our precious little girl back. Acting swiftly they got us in front of a judge who seemed prepared to reverse the terrible decision that created this situation. To our dismay that didn't happen but we were granted regular visitation rights. Thus with Jill and Kim's expertise and experience in Family Law we set out on a year long legal battle that resulted in the permanent return of our granddaughter with full physical and legal custody. Today she is happy, healthy and doing great in her school and loving her life with us. Thank you Robinson Duffy Law!

– DC, Grandparent

These women were a Godsend when we had an emergency case that went awry. They were so comforting and did such a fantastic job of keeping us informed step by step through our entire case. Over the course of almost a year they were so comforting in what would otherwise be a scary and traumatic experience. Our family is forever indebted to you both for keeping our children safe and where they belong.

– AL, Third party custodian

Jill worked very hard for me during all phases of my divorce and when issues arose a few years later regarding child support. She ensured that I understood every that we needed to take to make it beneficial for both my ex and me. I have absolute trust in Jill to represent and work toward the best interests of not only me but also my son. In the end, we were able to find resolution without complications because she was able to balance all of the pieces flawlessly and with the overall mission of ensuring our child was the priority.

– AM

When a friend referred me to Jill, looking back it was the best gift I could've been given. She was always attentive to my situation and there to guide me with things related to the divorce, and ongoing custody disputes over my 3 children. She fought hard, but always fair. She negotiated with opposing counsel continuously, since my ex was constantly complicating things. As anyone who's been there knows, even when you "win" in court, you don't, because your ex will just be resentful and mad (I'm being nice with these words). Jill fought to make sure I got the support and financial settlements I needed. But, also made the effort to negotiate our settlements in the best interest of our future co-parenting relationship. Jill is genuinely aware that this is about more than just your divorce. She will work hard to ensure what's best for your future. I am forever grateful to her and recommend her to people any chance I get.

– SA, Mother in divorce and post-decree proceedings

Robinson Duffy Law was advised to me from two different mothers. They were highly and adamantly praised by both women. It was also said, "I trust these attorneys with my all." That being said I never hesitated to contact them and/or work with them. They were always honest, calm, respectful, professional and accurate. Nothing, or any results ever came as a surprise to me. This team always gave me all options, and the likelihood of results that could come from each option. Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Duffy never gave me false hope, or information. Truth of the matter is this, they represented me, my daughter and our concerns professionally. I could not ask for more honest and professional care. I will always refer them to others as they keep my daughter and myself protected and safe. Thank you Robinson Duffy Law for your care and commitment to each of us.

– BT, Mother in custody and parenting time proceeding

Jillian Duffy is a fantastic lawyer. A co-worker referred her to me and I could not be happier with the service I received. I retained Jillian to help me navigate my divorce in 2017. She is proactive, smart, responsive, honest, straight-forward and aggressively looked out for my best interests. Jillian was able to convince my ex-husband (and his lawyer) to agree to a settlement that worked for both of us and avoid a long, drawn out court battle. I have already referred Jillian to other friends that need a great attorney and I will continue to recommend her.

– JB, Divorce client

I have had the privilege to work with Jillian Duffy over the past 3 years, and there's nothing I wouldn't entrust in her. She's honest, fair, straight to the point, no BS, but best of all, hilarious. She takes difficult situations and finds a way to make them feel easy.

If you're living in reality and can think logically, you will not find better representation. Now, if you're floating around in the clouds with the rainbows and unicorns, expect your bubble to get popped.

– JH, Father in post-decree parenting time and financial proceedings

Jill and Kim have assisted our family a few times over the past couple years for a custody case, an adoption case, and estate planning. They are a pleasure to work with, even during stressful times. They make legalese easy to understand. They are prompt, communicative, and extremely knowledgeable. I'm grateful they were recommended to me. I'll continue to go back to them, and I highly recommend them to others!

– LL, Mother

I would recommend either of the partners of the Robinson-Duffy firm.

I had a "not so nice" custody battle that lasted a solid year. My attorney billed fairly, kept myself and my case on the agenda (not forgetting about me along the way), and ensured that my case was handled very professionally. I hadn't been to court prior to this case, and thought I wanted a shark, to be honest, when it all started. As it progressed, what I learned was that what I needed was someone who advocated for myself and my son... but also had some light on the subject of how our "relationship" was going to look when the case was over.

Conceding to things, willing to agree for the sake of civility... I learned when they were needed and when I needed to advocate for myself (through Kimberly). I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer to have in my corner through the worst thing I had ever been through.

You will be treated fairly, advocated for properly, and be represented by two attorneys who know the law and have a positive reputation within the legal community.

– MD, Mother in custody and parenting time proceeding

I've worked with Jillian Duffy for over 5 years now. I have a nightmare ex-husband who keeps coming back for more. Jillian and her efforts have kept me sane, protected and ensured my child has the best upbringing possible. Jillian is always accessible, responsive to emails, and very proactive. Jillian is always thinking one step ahead of the competition and often is found outsmarting others around her. When we needed references for Parenting Consultants, Specialists, Consultations etc. she is able to refer the best individuals who she personally knows and trusts. I have referred several individuals to this firm because I trust them with my life.

– AH, Mother in various post-decree parenting time proceedings

Jillian has been very helpful! I would definitely use her again and highly recommend her.

– KS, Mother in custody and parenting time proceeding

I used Robinson Duffy for my divorce and received nothing short of EXCELLENT service. The team was very knowledgeable and explained everything to me at every step in the process. They were very clear on potential outcomes and, in the end, I was granted a divorce with fair results. I never once questioned their work ethic and they always made me feel like I was a top priority. It was truly a wonderful experience during a very difficult time and for that I am beyond appreciative. I recommend this law firm to anyone who wants a team that will work for them and make them feel like they have a partner.

– AJ, Mother in divorce proceeding

This is a great lawyer for big and small cases! Jillian has been very helpful with my custody case which has been very high conflict. She is smart and comes up with creative solutions. I have recommended her to friends who have also loved working with her. Before Jillian became my lawyer I was using someone else who overcharged me and didn't get me anywhere. If you want to see good results work with Jillian.

– RS, Father

Jill is a professional, experienced attorney that works hard for your cause. From beginning to end, she was on top of the case and gave me constant feedback and knowledge of what was going on. I would highly recommend her.

– PD

Kim Robinson guided me through a very difficult divorce from a difficult person. I liked working with Kim because she is very practical and communicated clearly what was within the realm of expectations (moving out of state, child custody, the realities of going to trial, etc.). She isn't an attorney who promises you the world and then under-delivers. Kim will expertly guide you through a challenging legal situation with both skill and empathy. Kim is clearly very intelligent and a quick thinker. She is able to take a step back and carefully consider all options before making a recommendation. Kim is excellent at following up, and I never felt like I was just another client. Kim also has a great sense of humor, and I can tell you from experience that when you are in your darkest hour, being able to laugh with your attorney is one of the small bright spots that will keep you going. I highly recommend Kim Robinson and the Robinson Duffy team!

– HB