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As a growing number of families blend through marriage, step-parent adoption is becoming more common in the Minnesota. Adopting a step-child grants full parental rights to the adoptive parent, making it a serious legal move as well as an emotional event for many people. The attorneys at Robinson | Duffy, PLLC are committed to building families through adoption and are available to answer your questions about your adoption situation and help you move forward comfortably and confidently in your choice to adopt.

Most step-parent adoptions result from the remarriage of a divorced parent whose spouse adopts their child from their previous marriage. Other reasons for step-parent adoption can include financial situations, inheritance matters, or children born out of wedlock. Before an adult can adopt his or her stepchild, the biological mother’s or father’s parental rights need to be voluntarily relinquished or legally revoked. Revocation of parental rights may occur when there is proof of abuse, abandonment, or certain other criminal offenses. In many cases, however, the biological parent must be contacted and asked to relinquish these rights voluntarily.

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Determining whether or not a parent still has parental rights with regard to his or her child can be a very complex legal area. At Robinson | Duffy, our experienced attorneys advise you about what to do in your specific circumstances and will secure and process all the necessary legal documents for your adoption. We offer counsel, address your concerns, and assist in your efforts to unite your family through adoption.

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Thoughts from a Client ...

"We used Jillian Duffy and Kim Robinson for our daughter’s adoption. They were wonderful and so helpful from the very beginning of the process through our adoption day. The adoption needed to be done quickly, and Jill worked hard to make sure that it happened within the needed time frame. Both helped us out greatly during the stressful times and helped us fully understand the adoption process. They were quick to respond to any questions or concerns that we had. Jill understood the emotional aspect that comes with adoption and was so kind and caring to our family. I would highly recommend Jill Duffy and Kim Robinson to anyone."

– S.W.