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Parenting time, sometimes referred to as “visitation,” addresses when divorcing or separated parents will spend with their children. Parenting time schedules need to be creative and thorough so they are not only in the best interests of the children, but also work for the parents.

At Robinson | Duffy, PLLC, we are focused on finding creative and workable parenting time schedules for our clients. We have created parenting time solutions for all types of families. Our attorneys can answer your questions regarding parenting time, including:

  • What if I have safety concerns for my children?
  • What if my work schedule varies?
  • What schedule is appropriate if my child is still nursing?
  • What if the other parent and I live far apart?
  • What if my co-parent never exercises their parenting time?
  • What if my kids won’t go to the other parent’s house?
  • What about holidays?
  • What if my co-parent always ships our kids to a babysitter or other family member during his/her parenting time?
  • What if my co-parent is withholding my children from me or not returning them for my parenting time.

Our attorneys will learn the specific details of your case and devise a parenting schedule that is in your children’s best interests but is also workable for you. We will take the time to listen carefully to your concerns and will customize a parenting time solution to meet your needs.

Modifying Parenting Time Schedules

We also help clients modify existing parenting time schedules to better meet their needs, or in the alternative, oppose modification motions that are not in the best interests of their child. Our attorneys are experienced in family law issues and are willing to work to find a solution that meets the reality of your life.

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Thoughts from a Client …

"I've worked with Jillian Duffy for over 5 years now. I have a nightmare ex-husband who keeps coming back for more. Jillian and her efforts have kept me sane, protected and ensured my child has the best upbringing possible. Jillian is always accessible, responsive to emails, and very proactive. Jillian is always thinking one step ahead of the competition and often is found outsmarting others around her. When we needed references for Parenting Consultants, Specialists, Consultations etc. she is able to refer the best individuals who she personally knows and trusts. I have referred several individuals to this firm because I trust them with my life."

– A.H.