Modification of Custody or Parenting Time in Minnesota

Modifying Parenting Time

Parenting time schedules often change. The schedule you agreed to at the time of your original divorce or custody order may no longer be in your child’s best interest. Children’s development needs change as they grow older. Accordingly, parenting time schedules need to be fluid and are always subject to change, so long as that change is in the child’s best interest.

There may also be changes in the parents’ lives that affect the current parenting time schedule. One parent may move or take a new job with different hours. These changes may affect your children’s best interests and warrant a modification of parenting time.

As your child gets older, his or her preference as to the parenting time schedule may come into play. In Minnesota, children have a “voice but not a choice” in schedules. A child’s voice carries more weight as they get older.

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Modifying Child Custody

Custody modifications are both legally and emotionally difficult. In order to modify a custody label, you need to show the court that there has been a substantial change in circumstances, the current custody arrangement is endangering your child, and the modification is in your child’s best interest.

Custody modifications require a complex two-step process. It is imperative that the reasons for your custody modification request are fully documented and explained in your motion papers. Failing to meet this burden will cause your motion to be denied.

We strongly suggest you seek legal representation if you feel your child is in danger and a modification of custody is necessary. At Robinson | Duffy, PLLC, we provide dedicated, cost-effective, and caring legal services to mothers and fathers involved in custody modification disputes.

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