Minnesota Grandparents' Rights

In Minnesota, grandparents may have visitation rights to see their grandchildren if such contact is in the best interests of the children and will not interfere with the relationship between the children and parent(s). Grandparents may seek to establish visitation in the context of the parents’ divorce, separation, custody, paternity, and step-parent adoption proceedings.

Grandparent visitation cases can be emotionally and legally complex. At Robinson│Duffy, PLLC, we have been successful in obtaining visitation rights for grandparents. We have also been successful in defending a parent’s right to raise his/her own children without interference by their child’s grandparent.

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If you are a grandparent interested in obtaining visitation with your grandchild, or if you need help contesting your parents’ petition for visitation with your child, contact our experienced child custody lawyers.

Thoughts from a Client ...

"Our family had the good fortune to have been referred to the Robinson Duffy Law Firm in the midst of a crisis situation. After having temporary custody of our granddaughter for 2 years she was taken from our home without advance notice, warning or appearance in Court. This was done on an Easter weekend. Our granddaughter was consequently not even allowed to finish her kindergarten year at her school or any other. The stress and concern for her safety and well-being was overwhelming. Jill and Kim met with us almost immediately and reassured us that they would help us get our precious little girl back. Acting swiftly they got us in front of a judge who seemed prepared to reverse the terrible decision that created this situation. To our dismay that didn't happen but we were granted regular visitation rights. Thus with Jill and Kim's expertise and experience in Family Law we set out on a year long legal battle that resulted in the permanent return of our granddaughter with full physical and legal custody. Today she is happy, healthy and doing great in her school and loving her life with us. Thank you Robinson Duffy Law!"

– D.C.