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Establishing Child Custody in Minnesota

In Minnesota, a court looks at your child’s best interests in establishing custody. This is a detailed analysis that includes many different factors – factors that focus on your children and what custody arrangement is best for them. If you are just starting a divorce or want to establish custodial rights to your children, you probably have a lot of questions, including:

  • What is custody and how is that different than parenting time?
  • What type of schedule is in the best interests of my children?
  • Where will my children live?
  • What does “best interests” mean and what does the court look at when determining what is best for my children?
  • Do we have to create a parenting schedule?
  • How do we share holidays?

At Robinson | Duffy, PLLC, we understand that your child is your first priority. We are family focused and take the best interests of your children very seriously. We help parents navigate these difficult questions and find solutions that minimize conflict and help your children transition from one home to two.

We are happy to provide discounted rates to law enforcement personnel, military servicemen and women, and veterans.

Types of Custody in Minnesota

There are two types of custody in Minnesota:

Legal Custody gives a parent power to make major decisions regarding your children related to education, health care and religion. Common legal custody decisions, include:

  • Where will my child go to school?
  • Will my child attend private school or public school?
  • Will my child be homeschooled?
  • Will my child be vaccinated?
  • Will my child get braces?
  • Will my child be raised in a specific faith?

In Minnesota, the law presumes these major decisions will be made by parents jointly. However, there are situations where it is not in your children’s best interests to have joint decision-making power. Those situations may include:

  • Domestic abuse
  • Mental health or chemical dependency issues
  • A history of poor decision making and judgment with regard to the children

Physical Custody does not have a lot of meaning in today’s law. It relates to the child’s residence and what parent is providing the day-to-day care.

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Thoughts from a Client …

"I retained Kimberly Robinson in my custody and parenting time case. We went to a mediator, went back and forth drafting motions and the like, finally ending things in court. I wouldn’t have asked for anyone else to be sitting next to me as I felt I could trust her, and that she truly had my son’s (and my) best intentions at the forefront. Kim was calm, focused, prepared, and respectful. She fights (for lack of a better term) fair and with composure. I respected her desire to not get dirty, and to play within the realm of “honest.” In the end, I think that was beneficial to my case, and, though no one ever truly “wins” in custody battles, we got what we had asked for from the judge. I am not a professional litigator, nor am I a client that frequents the courtroom. What I am is a mother who wanted what was best for her child and who found the best attorney to help her achieve that goal. Kimberly Robinson is a great Family Law attorney due to her diligence, knowledge, abilities in researching cases, and her follow-through. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help in a Family Law matter."

– M.D.